Clinical webinars and CPD: NASGP’s best-read resources 2023

18th December 2023 by NASGP

Clinical webinars and CPD: NASGP’s best-read resources 2023

From clinical updates to columns on the ‘return to normal’, our readers have been clicking left right and centre on our weekly resources this year.

As part of our digest email, we keep an eye on what you like to read during the year. Here are the top 10 best-read GP resources that we shared in our weekly members’ email digest in 2023.

At the end of the year, get your CPD hours up with our 2023 top-read articles. Record your learning after every clinical article and we’ll instantly send you an elegant PDF as a record of your CPD.

New progesterone-only pills advice (FRSH, 2022). An updated guideline from FSRH on POPs from August. (READ MORE38% click-rate

GP safeguarding spreadsheet resource – Dr Rob Howlett. Try Dr Howlett’s resource for recording learning. (READ MORE23% 

Referrals: how GP locums can minimise risks. Dr Rachel Birch highlights risks a GP locum can face in the referral process. (READ MORE21% 

Spinal metastases (Nice, Sept 2023). A new guideline on metastases and metastatic spinal cord compression; Dr Louise Hudman summarises. (READ MORE18% 

What do GP locums need to know about enhanced access? Dr Priyanka Saigal and Dr Dee Traue (MPS) explain. (READ MORE17%

Video: Infertility update for GPs – Prof Robert Winston. (READ MORE17%

It ain’t over till it’s over: a GP’s view on Covid-19. Only an incurable optimist would hope that we will be better prepared for a future pandemic. (READ MORE17%

Adult iron deficiency in GP (2023 update). A 2021 update on management of iron deficiency anaemia in adults from the BGS, the first in 10 years. (READ MORE17%

CVD risk – Nice update (May 2023). Key take-home advice from a guideline that got a flurry of media attention. (READ MORE) 17%

Four ways GP locums can cut screentime. From taking work email off phones to downloading mindfulness apps, Dr Lai and Dr Joshi suggest steps. (READ MORE) 17%

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"LocumDeck has given me the opportunity to work in different practices and meet new colleagues. I enjoy the flexibility of working on a locum basis. I found the initial setting up process straightforward, and there is plenty of help with the set up guides as well as support from Katrina Munro, the Nurse Ambassador at Frimley Training Hub, and Becky Nelson, the Nurse Support Manager at LocumDeck. I now have regular bookings on days and times which suit me."

Anon nurse, Frimley

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"I signed up to NASGP when I CCT'd in December 2022 and I've been using LocumDeck for all aspects of my work since. I have tried a few different platforms but nothing compares to the comfort and practicality of LocumDeck.

The NASGP support team is absolutely wonderful and they walked me through the initial set-up. Once the set-up is complete, the booking process is so easy and literally happens with the click of a button. I also love the paperless pension form submissions through LocumDeck and it takes me no more than two minutes each month to send all the necessary pension forms to PCSE. I have had so many queries while getting used to LocumDeck and every single one of them has been answered within 24 hours by Ali and Jacqui from NASGP support. They have even helped me contact a few practice managers on my behalf whenever there has been an issue.

As a newly-qualified GP, it can be quite daunting to go into the world of GP locuming and this can often push trainees to take up less-than-ideal jobs reluctantly. The NASGP website gave me all the necessary information and resources that I needed to seamlessly transition from a GP trainee to a GP locum.

I have already recommended LocumDeck to all my colleagues and it is a must-have for anyone thinking about entering the GP locum world. GP locums are an extremely valuable resource to the primary care workforce and I wish every practice in the country would sign up to NASGP and get the most out of this rapidly evolving community."

Dr Priya Arunachalam, GP, Southampton

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