Clarifying employer’s contributions for long-term freelance GP locums

21st October 2012 by NASGP

Clarifying employer’s contributions for long-term freelance GP locums

Fortunately, our colleagues at the NHSPS  take a common sense and pragmatic approach that stays within the parameters of the statutory NHS Pension Scheme (NHSPS) regulations. These regulations do offer a certain degree of latitude.

At the moment, GP practices pay the 14.3% employer contributions for type 1 and 2 medical practitioners, whereas it is the PCT that picks up the 14.3% tab for freelance GP locums, and this is where sometimes disputes can arise.

The NHSPS regulations define sessional GPs in the following ways

  • a GP locum as a GP who “deputises or assists temporarily” in a GP practice under a contract for services, which means fee based/self employed
  • a type 2 (assistant) medical practitioner as a GP works for a practice or a PCT under a contract for service (i.e. Salaried GP) or under a contract or services (fee based/self–employed).

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