Can I configure LocumDeck so practices can book me on my terms?

19th August 2020 by Richard Fieldhouse

Yes, we’ve designed LocumDeck to give you plenty of flexibility – so you can say what work you want to do and where you want to do it. You can vary your availability for different days, state your preferred session types and workload, and set your pay rates at the level of each practice.

"I rely on the NASGP for advice and support. I use LocumDeck for all my locum admin -my profile, certificates, Ts and Cs, practice contacts, booking and invoicing sessions, pension A and B forms, recording mileage and other expenses and monthly earnings.

Having been a locum in the past without LocumDeck, I realise how much easier LocumDeck makes my life, especially as I don't enjoy admin. It automates much of the admin for me. I can see at a glance how many bookings I have and where the gaps are. I have some practices who instant book me - booking directly into free sessions I have added. I have income/expenditure spreadsheets to share with my accountant.

I would highly recommend it to others."

Dr Susannah Denny

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