Brain tumours in general practice – diagnosis and referral

2nd May 2024 by Shona Floyd

Brain tumours in general practice – diagnosis and referral

Floyd is the healthcare engagement manager at TBTC, and adult nurse in oncology and lecturer by background.

  • Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of under-40s.
  • Over 12,000 people are diagnosed each year with a primary brain tumour, including 500 children and young people.
  • Over 5,300 people lose their lives to a brain tumour each year.
  • An estimated 88,000 people live with a brain tumour in the UK currently.
  • Although brain tumours account for less than 2% of all cancers, they account for the most years life lost.
  • Just 12% of adults surviving for five years after diagnosis – a reduction of approximately 27 years from life expectancy, the highest of any cancer.

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