Judith Harvey: ’76 Days’ tells us candidly about the early days of the pandemic

16th April 2021 by Dr Judith Harvey

Judith Harvey: ’76 Days’ tells us candidly about the early days of the pandemic

We know, more or less, how British hospitals are coping with the pandemic. We live it, or we read about it or see it on the BBC documentaries filmed at the Royal Free Hospital.

But what was it like when Covid-19 struck Wuhan? What are our expectations and prejudices about how healthcare is delivered in Chinese hospitals?

76 Days tells us, candidly and without artifice. It is the work of film director Hao Wu. He was born in China and took a postgraduate degree in molecular biology from Brandeis University, Massachusetts. He became a film producer and director and now lives in New York. His documentaries deal with issues that are sensitive in Chinese society: a traditional family with a gay son, or the challenges facing Chinese born in the USA who go to live in China. His attempt to film underground ‘house’ churches landed him in prison without charge for 140 days.

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