Are you another victim of the attention economy?

17th July 2018 by Kate Little

Are you another victim of the attention economy?

“Mummy, you’re not listening” my son says.

“Mmmm. Sorry, I have just got to reply to this e-mail and I’ll be right with you”

Only I get side-tracked and the next thing I know is that I am checking the What’s App and Facebook notifications on my phone. An argument breaks out at top volume around me.
Sound familiar?

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"LocumDeck does everything you want it to do in an instant and with audit trails.

I absolutely love the facility for receiving Locum's invoices and the facility for signing the Pension Forms electronically and they are then instantly sent with an audit trail! It is fabulous!

You are notified the moment a Locum GP adds availability which is just fantastic, I spend a lot of time just chasing agencies to see if they have availability, so to be notified the moment availability is advertised is a new concept and very welcome! I have no hesitation in recommending LocumDeck - it has already eased my workload!"

Sue, Practice Manager in Portsmouth

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