Antimicrobial prescribing for human and animal bites

26th November 2020 by Dr Louise Hudman

Antimicrobial prescribing for human and animal bites

This is a new guideline from NICE on the prescribing of antibiotics for human and animal bites, and an excellent quick visual summary is available.

What bites does it cover?

Human, cat and dog bites. For other bites, including other pets, farm animals or wild or exotic animals, you may want to seek microbiologist advice.
They do advise that there was no evidence on managing other common pet bites, like rabbit or hamster bites, but that it would be reasonable to extrapolate from the evidence on humans, cats and dogs in managing these bites.

How should we manage human, cat and dog bites?

The visual summary contains a simple chart showing antibiotic prophylaxis for an uninfected bite.

What antibiotics should we use?

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