Acne and roaccutane (Nice update 2023)

15th March 2024 by Dr Louise Hudman

Acne and roaccutane (Nice update 2023)

This is a new guideline from NICE on managing acne. Interestingly, this is the first time that NICE has developed a guideline on acne. It was published in June 2021. BMJ has also produced an excellent infographic.

In Dec 2023, NICE updated the advice around roaccutane use and our actions before referring. I have outlined this below. This is based around updated MHRA guidance.

What is new for GPs in this guideline?

The fundamentals of how we manage acne aren’t any different here, but there are a few little bits that they are advising we do differently. I will list the changes, then do a more in-depth summary of the management below.

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