2023 NASGP career survey: results in full

2nd June 2023 by NASGP

2023 NASGP career survey: results in full

We received 91 responses to our 2023 GP survey from 21 April to 30 May, and these are those results in full. 

Our main findings:

  • The majority of sessional GPs surveyed by NASGP plan to work for five years or more. In a climate of widespread burnout and disillusionment, some 58% of 91 GPs said they were committed to stay for five years or more. Only 4% of respondents were planning to leave within the next 12 months.
  • Dozens reported burnout and ill health in partnership, salaried roles and retainership posts, citing ‘excessive administration’, ‘abusive’ conditions, failures to recruit colleagues and ‘unrealistic expectations’.
  • Many also revealed that they plan to remain in the profession by diversifying income streams and developing portfolio careers.

Sessional GP career planning in 2023

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