#RCGP to spearhead solutions for Sessional GP isolation

Remember this? Back in March the RMBF hosted a landmark conference to get to the core root of the main issues facing GP Locums and Salaried GPs. And in a word? Isolation. As often professional as geographical, and sometimes without even knowing it.

The formal report is now published here, and includes information on how the RCGP are putting together a working group to tackle these issues one and for all.

For the formation of a pan-UK body to oversee the needs of sessional GPs on a national, multi-organisational scale. This group will be facilitated by the RCGP going forward, under the steer of Dr Clare Gerada. This group will take forward the discussion points from this meeting and outcomes from the two research projects and explore issues and solutions.

Closing remarks from the Chair: “The importance of sessional GPs within the overall primary care workforce has been recognised and recognised in high-definition for possibly the first time throughout the professional organisations. What is equally important is that this is seen as a professional quality issue that transcends the differences between the four nations.

And I’m delighted to say that the RCGP has stepped up to the plate and is willing to spearhead and lead this ‘coalition of the willing’. This mechanism headed by the RCGP with contributions from all those with responsibility and influence in this area, will take forward all the knowledge that’s been presented today.

So, no pressure then.

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