RCGP to lead freelance locum GP working group

Earlier this month the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF) hosted a national conference attended by many professional organisations and representatives of the Chief Medical Officer from all four UK countries and, of course, yours truly.

The conference agreed the formation of a working group of organisations who are involved with sessional GPs in all four countries with contributions from all those with relevant expertise, and the RCGP has formally agreed to take this new group forward.

The conference received reports of research commissioned by the RMBF into issues faced by sessional GPs, carried out by Gill Morrow and Charlotte Kergon of Durham University Medical Education Research Group with Dr Paula Wright from the Northern Deanery. Dr Wright led a presentation on the research, which highlighted issues with the identification of and communication with sessional GPs, resulting in a sense of professional isolation. This resulted in turn in missed opportunities for education, feedback, benchmarking, peer support and difficulties with producing evidence for appraisal and revalidation. A range of bottom-up initiatives had demonstrated impact in addressing these problems including Self-Directed Learning Groups, regional sessional GP groups and locum chambers. Local deanery tutors were also felt to have had an important impact.

Dame Deirdre Hine, President of the RMBF and Chair of the conference, said, “We would like to thank all the organisations involved and are delighted by the commitment and contributions to this initiative from all who have attended. We hope that this conference will have contributed to not only solving a problem for sessional GPs but for patients and the profession as a whole, for years to come”.

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