Trojan Horse contracts

We firmly believe that there should be no restriction on GP locums being asked by practices to become regular employed GPs or partners. NASGP does not impose any form of restrictive or exclusivity 'Trojan Horse' clause on either practices or GP locums on our LocumDeck invoicing and booking platform, which could otherwise result in the practice being liable to pay the agency or platform figures in the region of 15% of the employed GP's salary for one year.

Practices and GPs should be free to offer salaried posts or partnerships without any financial penalty whatsoever, which is why we strongly advise both GP locums and their employing practices to always check the contracts fine details to check against such exclusivity clauses.

And we can reassure you that NASGP's own carries no such clauses, and even goes so far to enable practices to freely advertise salaried GP posts and partnerships direct to NASGP members through our LocumDeck platform - all for free.

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