Training | Information governance – how often should I do it?

This is something that more of us are being asked to provide proof of by practice managers. It's generally not something that's expected as part of our NHS appraisal evidence, but is something that the CQC are asking practices for proof of.

In 2011 the Dept of Health and the Information Commissioner's Office wrote to all NHS staff:

All NHS organisations (and others with access to NHS patient information) should:

ensure all staff undertake appropriate information governance training annually as identified in the NHS Information Governance Toolkit.

If you're a partner or a salaried GP, or work with a hospital or CCG etc, it's likely that you already undertake annual online training with Health and Social Care Information Centre HSCIC, and can just provide evidence of that.

If you're a locum, and are being asked for this

  • speak to a friendly local practice, or insist* on your CCG adding you to their IG training account with HSCIC.
  • and work for an agency, they will probably organise this for you.
  • and in a chambers or sessional GP group, you may be able to organise this as a talk (from your CCG's IG lead?).

If you're not being asked for this

  • If you personally feel it's a learning requirement, discuss it with your appraiser at your next appraisal.

*seriously, if it's so important that you're being required to do it, your CCG needs to put its money where its mouth is and support its GPs.




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