UPDATED – using GP SOLO beyond six months

Updated 13th March 2018

This advice has now been superseded by clarification from NHSBS in light of new advice on annualisation.

If you locum at a GP practice for more than 6 months then you can no longer be classed as a locum for NHS superannuation purposes in that practice, and would have to become a Type 2 GP.

Existing wording within the NHSBA Locum Factsheet (September 2016) could be interpreted that Form SOLO could be used to pension work beyond the sixth month:

"You can still work under a contract for services arrangement; your surgery is not legally obliged to employ you under a contract of service." And according to the NHSBA Form GP SOLO (April 2017)"[Form GP SOLO applies] to NHSPS Employing Authorities including OOH Providers and CCGs who engage the services of GPs on a self-employed/fee-based/contract for services arrangement."

Although many locum GPs have successfully claimed for pension work using this method, further clarification from NHSBSA says "SOLO forms are not an option for a GP Locum carrying out practice work. If the GP is asked to do regular work at the same practice GP SOLO forms do not apply. GP SOLO forms are to be used to capture ‘ad-hoc’ additional work outside of the practice contract, as per guidance notes on GP SOLO form."

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