Are freelance GPs entitled to death in service payments?

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  1. examples a and b should be no different, and any GP refused full Death In Service payment for dying on a non-duty day, should appeal most strongly using all employment rights and discrimination law. If a doctor is in pensionable pay at the time of death, or in the month of death, unless having taken retirement or other benefits, is 'in service' and therefore entitled to FULL benefits, regardless of whether they were actually working at the time of death. The pension agency treatment is a ridiculous unfair rule, which if they get away with it will allow them to withdraw benefits unjustly (we have paid for them!) from people dying outside of work hours on a work day - which is no different from dying outside of work hours on a working week! Discrimination, because other NHS employees who die outside of working hours, or on weekends, such as managers, do get death in service payments, and are hardly materially different from doctors in this respect. Example C, however, is clearly different: doctors taking time 'out of service' need to make other arrangeemnts for financial security during those spells and for a period afterwards until they have regained heir full entittlement.

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