How do aggregate all my locum Form A/B pension forms together with the same UPR?

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LocumDeck handles this all entirely automatically. You can leave this page and go and make yourself a nice cup of tea.

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You're going to need that cup of tea. The process by which a GP locum needs to aggregate their Locum A and B forms together so that they all have the same Unique Payment Reference (UPR) number (previously UIR) caused some confusion when this change was first released in May 2017. But after communications with the NHS pension Stakeholder engagement team, it has been clarified that the UPR is created when you are generating your Locum B form, ready to submit your pension payment, and you then retrospectively add this same UPR to all the Locum A forms included with that Locum B form.

One of LocumDeck's most popular features is that it does all this for you, stamping all associated Locum A and B forms with the same unique UPR.

So, although the box for the UPR on Locum A form is in the section that usually needs to be completed before posting to the practice for them to complete Section 2, the UIR must in fact *not* be added here until the Locum A form has been received back from the practice with your payment. It's only then that you can confirm what month the payment was received in, and therefore, which month's Locum B form it will be included on. The UPR on the Locum B form and all its corresponding Locum A forms uses the first three digits of that month as part of that UPR.

For example, if you receive a Locum A form and its associated payment in June, your UPR will be xxxxxxxxLocJun17 (xxxxxxxx is your 8-digit SD pension reference number that begins SD).

The Locum B form that goes with this Locum A, and all other Locum As relating to payments received in June, will also have the same xxxxxxxxLocJun17 UPR, and all must received by NHSPS by the 7th July.

LocumDeck automatically generates the UPR for all Locum B forms. For Locum A forms, LocumDeck generates the first part of the code xxxxxxxxLoc for you, leaving five blank boxes for you to complete by hand when you get them back from the practice.

*If you have entered a UPR before sending it to the practice, and the practice has paid you in the same month as the three-character month reference that you gave in your UPR, then of course you will have entered the UPR correctly. If the UPR is wrong, NHSPS have confirmed to NASGP that you simply draw a line through the wrong UPR, write the correct UPR next to it, and then countersign it.

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