Spip | What are the Practice, Staff, Clinician and Editor roles in Spip?

The Practice is the lead role in Spip. This person will have authority from the practice to create a Spip and an NHS email address. They will usually be a practice manager or another senior member of the practice team.

The Practice is able to

  • add and edit items to Spip and Cudos
  • manages other users of Spip and Cudos
    • Clinicians
      • Practice can invite or deactivate Clinicians
        The Clinician role can view Spip.
        Clinicians can be any clinician working in your practice who can benefit from access to Spip e.g. practice-based GPs, locum GPs, nurses etc.
    • Staff
      • Practice can invite or deactivate Staff
      • Staff can view Spip and Cudos.
      • Cudos may contain items that are just for use by your practice staff e.g. building maintenance, IT system support, health and safety protocols. You would not want to display these in Spip but you can make them accessible to your practice staff by setting them up as Staff roles.
    • Editors
      • Practice can invite Editors.
      • The Editor role can view Spip and Cudos but also add or edit items in Spip or Cudos.
      • Editors will usually be established members of your practice team who are entrusted to share their knowledge of practice procedures and services with Clinicians, via Spip, and with Staff via Spip and Cudos e.g. GP partners, medical secretaries, nurse practitioners etc.
    • Switch roles
      • Practice can switch people between different roles e.g. upgrade a Clinician to an Editor so they can crowdsource their knowledge of services

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