Spip | How much does a Spip cost?

  • Starting August 2016, Practice Manager membership of the NASGP is now free. Spip comes free with that membership.
  • Spip has the additional capability to link with any local networks (CCGs, federations, practice hubs etc), for which that network will pay a small monthly charge of no more than £24 for each practice it links to.
  • It's also always free to Editors, Clinicians and Staff.
  • A Practice will be able to add as many EditorsClinicians or Staff it needs; although all users have to sign in with an email and a password, they will never have to pay to join the NASGP.
  • A Practice can cancel their membership at any time.
  • A Practice can ask us to remove all their data at any time, otherwise we will automatically remove all Spip data after one year. A Practice, and therefore all its Clinicians, Staff etc can re-access its Spip at anytime simply by rejoining.

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