Spip | Messaging, comments and notes

Simple, yet powerful

Spip comes with its own messaging, comments and notes system. It's a great way for all members of a practice - including visiting locum GPs - to share local information about service quality.

If you have any unread messages, we'll send you an email at 2pm to let you know, allowing you to go straight to your messaging area.

Button - comment on this page

Comment on this page

All users can comment on any page within any Spip they have access too - advice to colleagues, useful tips etc.

That comment will only be visible on that particular practice's Spip. A copy is sent via the Spip's messaging system, and the Practice can edit the comment.

Leave a personal note

Useful for Clinicians to leave a personal note about that service for themselves. Only the person who made that note can see it.

Unlike 'comments', personal notes will be visible in all other Spips (on that specific page) - but again, visible only to the person who created that note.

Button - leave a personal note
Button - report service issue to practice

Report service issue to Practice

Great for flagging up issues to a Practice about a service, enabling them to collect and escalate these issues further to prevent them happening again.

You must never include any patient-identifiable information in these reports.


Request page update

If you’ve looked something up in Spip but couldn’t find it, or something was out-of-date or wrong, this lets the practice know.


Button - Request page update
Button - Send internal message

Send internal message

Allows the user to send an internal message to any other user of the practice that they're currently signed in to.

Great for when you don't have a colleague's email.

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