Spip | How long will Spip take to fill in?

Step 1 (OPTIONAL*) | Network-Cudos - 4 hours initial setup, 20 minutes/week thereafter

  • Performed by a Network (CCG, federation etc) employee (manager, administrator or clinical lead) who has oversight of where links and documents are published or stored.
  • Accessible to unlimited number of the Network's practices.
  • Arriving Summer 2016.
  • * If Network-Cudos not available, practice can add this information to their own Cudos - 2 to 4 hours initial setup, 10 minutes/week

Step 2 | Practice Cudos - 2 to 4 hours initial setup, 10 minutes/week thereafter

  • ‘Simply’ transferring information from the practice’s address book to their practice's Cudos.
  • Performed by designated practice employee (user assigned as 'Editor' by the practice manager).
  • Unlimited number of practice staff who need to access information in Cudos, such as contacts and practice policies, can be assigned as 'Staff' by the practice manager.

Step 3 | Practice Spip - 2 hours initial setup, 10 minutes/week thereafter

  • Performed by practice manager and/or other experienced manager.
  • Selects which information to display from the Network-Cudos (if available) and practice's own Cudos, and adding other relevant information specific to their practice.

Step 4 | Practice Spip - 1 to 2 hours review, 10 minutes/week collectively thereafter

  • Performed by one or more practice GPs (users assigned as 'Editors' by practice manager).
  • Unlimited number of users who need to access any of this information for the purposes of patient care are assigned by practice manager as 'Clinician'.

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