Spip | Getting started – for Practices

This is to help GP practices to start populating their Spip

If you are creating a Spip you are probably taking on the Practice role.

The Practice is the lead role in Spip. This person will have authority from the practice to create a Spip and need an NHS email address to register their practice. They will usually be a practice manager or another senior member of the practice team.

However, an interested Clinician can make a start on creating a Spip (with the practice’s permission), by the practice manager changing their role within Spip to Editor.

Spip | What are the Practice, Staff, Clinician and Editor roles in Spip?
Spip | Who can see the information within Spip and Cudos?

Think of Spip (Standardised practice induction pack) as a standardised, easy to search display cabinet. You populate Spip by responding to queries set out in the standardised template.

Much of the information you add will be stored in Cudos (Centrally updatable directory of services)

Spip | What is Cudos?

To begin Spip's QuickStart, in Spip navigate to The practice >> Getting here >> The practice.

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