Smartcards | How do I get one?

We have been in regular contact with the Information Security Policy Manager at the Digital Information & Health Policy Directorate (NHS Connecting for Health) to ensure that Sessional GPs are not overlooked - how else otherwise would we be able to access NHS Care Records Service (CRS)?

So far, their news has been that "GP locums, in common with other NHS users of [the NHS Care Records Service] CRS services, will be provided with digital identity and signing credentials on personal smartcards that will allow easy to apply, robust authentication, access and privilege management controls and that will also allow security management practices consistent with the latest NHS information governance guidance. The exact rollout timescales for these smartcards within local communities and for their use in [Local Service Provider] LSP services can be discussed with the local implementation teams concerned to be able to assess local opportunities."

Meanwhile your CCG or local Commissioning Support Unit will be able to supply you with your own smartcard.

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