Private work | How should this be charged?

Salaried GP

  • This will be stated in the written contract. The private fee can either be entirely subsumed within the normal, regular work of the salaried GP, or there could be a provision for private work to be undertaken over and above the their usual work, stating how much of the fee they receive (bearing in mind the practice's overheads.

Locum GPs

For locum GPs, there is no issue as to whether or not a freelance GP can perform private work in a GP practice.

The practice and locum will need to agree beforehand whether their normal clinical caseload will contain private as well as NHS patients, with adequate time given for the private work in line with what other GPs in the practice would expect.

The practice and locum will also need to agree between them whether private work is charged at the same rate as NHS work.

NB you can now set your T&Cs online in NASGP's LocumDeck.

If you're doing any sort of locum work as part of your portfolio career, you'll definitely need your own personalised Terms and Conditions to help protect both you and the practice you're working for. NASGP's model T&Cs has been specifically developed for us by a specialist employment law firm, and allows you to not only fully adopt all its recommendations, but also to add any necessary clauses, and tailor it to suit your personal needs.

LocumDeck's T&Cs generator allows you to

  • Set your own cancellation sliding scale from 0 to 100% of your booked fee for 0 to 28 days in advance.
  • Include your 14.38% employer's pension contributions
  • Legal employment status
  • Tax status, IR35 etc
  • Duties (on-call, triage etc)
  • Private fees (HGV medical etc)
  • Cremation fees
  • Payment terms (14 days? 28 days?)
  • Plus much more.

As an NASGP member, go to your T&Cs generator, choose your settings and then save. You'll then be given a unique link "View my TCs" which will automatically be added to your automated invoices, confirmation emails and session request emails, or you can paste the link into your own website.

As an added bonus, you can update your T&Cs as often as you like, with each change being saved in an archive accessible by your practices for extra confidence.

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In our experience, if private patients are seen within the usual agreed hours then the locum would not expect to be paid any extra. But if seen outside the usual agreed hours, the locum would expect to be paid the full private fee, with any practice overheads being offset by the additional service being offered by the locum. It makes the paperwork easier too.



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