LocumDeck | Compatibility and security

The entire NASGP website, including Practeus and its associated components LocumDeck and Spip, is hosted on a dedicated server by FastUK in London, using ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. All data during transmission is encrypted and authenticated using AES 128 GCM and uses ECDHE RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

We use the very latest programming language PHP 7.2 with its state-of-the-art speed and security features.

You do not need to download any software.

Like any website, although Practeus will still function using the obsolete Microsoft IE8 browser, we strongly recommend you use a secure, modern browser that runs on a modern operating system. Since Microsoft no longer supports IE8 on Windows XP or Windows 7, any PC that uses IE8 is vulnerable to security breaches.

If you're able to, we strongly recommend you upgrade to a modern browser like Google Chrome, IE10, Firefox or Safari to run alongside IE8 if it's still needed for NHS legacy websites.

We are also A-rated for security headers (takes a few seconds to load).

Use a LocumDeck alternative? Use the link above to check that service too.

Payment processing

Cloud server

Sucuri firewall

  • The entire NASGP website is also protected by a firewall provided by Sucuri, preventing the site from malicious attacks designed to steal data or deny users access to the NASGP website.

Using passwords

The latest advice is to ditch using complex letter/character combinations, and use passphrases instead.

New NIST guidelines recommend using long passphrases instead of seemingly complex passwords. A passphrase is a “memorizsed secret” consisting of a sequence of words or other text used to authenticate their identity. It’s longer than a password for added security, but much easier to learn.

Create unique passphrases you can remember, using whatever characters they want. e.g

  • Honeymoon beach flower ketchup
  • Correct horse battery staple

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