What can I do if a practice or agency are refusing to pay me?

  • Write to them explaining what they owe you - give dates and times and a further copy of your Terms & Conditions
    • Keep a copy of all such correspondence
    • Send such correspondence as Recorded Delivery
    • Try to avoid emails when pursuing unpaid bills - too easy to ignore.
  • Speak to the practice manager and keep a record of your conversation.
    • If you want to make an audio recording of the conversation, many mobile phones offer this facility - you must explain to the person that you are recording the conversation
  • Speak to your LMC, who will be able to talk to the practice on your behalf.
  • If you have no joy with the practice manager, talk to one of the partners.
    • Speak to someone likely to see your side of the argument
  • If you're still not getting anywhere, start thinking about making a small claim through a County Court.

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