Mortgages | How do locums get them?

We find that Locums don’t seem to struggle to get a mortgage, unless they have only just commenced as self-employed and don’t have any accounts yet. We don’t find that lenders classify you as high risk, probably the opposite, and we don’t see a pattern of locums using a particular lender, so we would suggest that you discuss your options with an independent mortgage broker.

As with any one who is self-employed, when you apply, the lender normally sends us an accountants certificate for completion by your accountant. We basically confirm your last three years profits, your NI number and how long we have been acting for you. The lender also normally asks us to obtain Revenue forms SA302’s. These are Revenue tax calculations which are normally only issued when someone files a paper Tax Return. However, on request, the Revenue will issue these forms even when Tax Returns have been filed electronically.

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