I’m an established GP locum and I already have work in my regular practices which I don’t want to risk losing to other locums

If you have an established relationship with a practice, the chamber will help you maintain that relationship.

  • Practices can ‘Favourite’ you and specifically book you.
  • Strengthen your security network in your chamber with an established pool of practices and GP locums working together; you have more security in finding alternative bookings if the practice’s requirements change and they no longer need your services - it happens, the flexibility of locuming cuts both ways! And it’s great to have the backup of the chamber management team, and intelligence from your peers, if you find yourself working in a new practice or want to expand your existing network.
  • The support you receive through your chambers will give you more free time, or more time to work if you choose.
  • Education and appraisal activities tend to take care of themselves when you’re in a chamber - all those group meetings, discussing cases, significant events and educational events - tend to be fertile ground for your appraisal. You may even find you have more time to take on other work in new practices.
  • Cross-cover for your practices when you’re absent - and likewise you’ll be cross-covering your locum colleagues’ practices when they’re absent. It’s a collaboration rather than a competition.

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