I am an established GP locum and I already have work in regular practices. Why should I pay a chamber fee for work at this practice.

In spite of the chamber fee, many locums in chamber when surveyed report that they end up earning more working via the chamber than compared to being a freelance locum, because the wraparound professional and administrative services that the chamber fee enables frees up time and expands your opportunities to earn. Being in a chamber means that most of the day-to-day hassle of finding work, making bookings, managing your admin and setting up CPD and appraisal opportunities is removed for you. You can choose how to use the extra time and energy available to you. Some chamber locums, reassured by the moral support that the chamber brings, feel able to work more sessions and in a wider range of practices. Others find having the reassurance that their locum work is being well taken of in the background means they can focus on developing special clinical interests (all very welcome in a chamber) or even take on non-clinical roles as part of a portfolio career.

Remember that in a LocumDeck chamber, your pay rates for locum work are your business, set entirely by you to reflect what you see as your value to practices and to cover your needs.

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