How do I use the GP Locum Form A form?

Pensioning your work

The Locum Form A is for pensionable NHS work, usually carried out as either a freelance GP locum or for NHS appraisal work.

  • It’s not for private work,
    • or if you trade as a limited company
    • or for work performed more than 10 weeks ago.
    • You can still pension non-NHS work, but only into a private pension scheme.


  • Notable Locum Form A exceptions include GP partners or providers locuming in their own practice, where they’ll need to pension their work in their usual way.
 Or OOH or CCG work, where you’ll need to use Form SOLO.
  • The NHS locum pension ‘six month rule’ now no longer exists. You are free to either continue using Form A beyond six months, or in arrangement with the practice you can arrange to pension your work as a Type 2 practitioner, which means you can pension 100% of your income as opposed to the 90% allowed as a locum.

Getting it done

  • You’ll need to send a completed Form A with your invoice to every practice that you’ve chosen to pension your work in that month.
  • In any one month, you need to pension either all the work in a practice, or none of it. You can’t just pension some of it.
  • Each Form A must include your unique identifying number, which is based on your SD number and the month and year in which you receive the corresponding invoices payment for the Form A.
  • There are currently only four spaces to include each period of work within a month, and any extra periods will need to be added to an additional supplementary form.
  • LocumDeck automatically generates paperless Form As for all applicable sessions, including generating a professional invoice, e-signatures, storing a copy, adding the data to your bookkeeping area and passing it all to your Form B form instantaneously. You and your practice managers will never need to post, print, scan, upload or download a Form A ever again.

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