How can GP locums receive sick pay?

Even as a GP locum there are some simple and affordable steps you can take to reduce the risk of losing out financially if you can't work through illness.

Your ability to receive income whilst off work through ill health whilst working as a GP locum very much depends on your employment status i.e. whether you're an employee, self-employed or 'worker'.

Remember that your legal employment status is something that is not necessarily determined by you, and is different to your tax employment status and your NHS pension employment status.

This FAQ is from the perspective of being a GP locum in the same practice for a 'long time', rather than about choosing working as a GP locum as part of your career portfolio.

It explains it from four different perspectives - NHS pension scheme, HMRC tax perspective, employment law and 'mission creep', and there's even an audio podcast too.

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I work for a locum agency

I'm self-employed

  • If you're locuming in different practices using your own Terms and Conditions, managing your own bookings and determining the way within which you work, either manually or through platforms like LocumDeck, then your employment status is likely to fall within the self-employed status.
  • In which case, you don't qualify for SSP in that role.
  • But if you already have a Locum Insurance Policy, then this could cover you for up to £3,000 a week or 75% of your earnings for a year if you’re ill or injured and can’t work.

I work for an online locum platform

What about Permanent Health Insurance and Critical Illness Cover?

These are policies for much longer long-term benefits. Read this for more information:

Should locum and salaried GPs get income insurance?


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