Can freelance locum GPs pension their CCG earnings?

As a freelance locum GP, the only way that you can pension CCG work under the NHS superannuation scheme is if you bite the bullet and become a salaried CCG employee. At retirement, you may get a separate Officer pension, or the CCG post may convert to Practitioner under what is known as the 'flexibilities'.

So why can't I pension my CCG work without becoming a CCG employee?

A GP (Dr X) who is solely a freelance GP locum cannot superannuate CCG work on locum forms A and B. This is because a freelance GP locum is defined under the NHSPS regs as follows....

"Locum practitioner" means a registered medical practitioner (other than a specialist trainee in general practice) whose name is included in a medical performers list and who is engaged, otherwise than in pursuance of a commercial arrangement with an agent, under a contract for services by:

  1. a GMS practice; 
  2. a PMS practice; 
  3. an APMS contractor; 
  4. an OOH provider; 
  5. or Local Health Board,

to deputise or assist temporarily in the provision of essential services, additional services, enhanced services, dispensing services, OOH services, commissioned services, certification services, Board and advisory work, health related functions exercised under section 75 of the 2006 Act, NHS 111 services or collaborative services (or any combination thereof)"

In particular, note that there is no scope for Dr X to superannuate CCG work if working directly for a CCG. Nor can Dr X superannuate their CCG work in any other way; i.e. as a type 2 (assistant) Practitioner.

A type 2 medical Practitioner is defined in the NHSPS regs as follows....

"type 2 medical practitioner" means a GP performer who

  1. is not a GP provider, and
    1. is employed (whether under a contract of service or for services) by a GMS practice, a PMS practice, an APMS contractor, an OOH provider, or a Local Health Board, and 
    2. in that employment is engaged wholly or mainly in assisting his employer in the discharge of the employer's duties as a GMS practice, a PMS practice, an APMS contractor, an OOH provider, or a Local Health Board; or 
  2. is participating in a Doctors' Retainer Scheme"

In summary, a type 2 is a salaried GP or long term fee based GP working for a GP Practice, an APMS contractor, an OOH provider, or a Local Health Board. By virtue that there is no reference to a CCG means that Dr X cannot superannuate their CCG income.

If Dr X has been an existing type 1 (GP Partners, single-handed GPs, and GP shareholders in GMS, PMS, sPMS, and APMS are regarded as type 1 medical Practitioners) or 2 (in addition to working as a GP locum) there would be no problem.

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