Chambers | How do they organise continuing professional development?

Chambers are able to generate income through several mechanisms, either charging their members a percentage of their income from locum work, levying a charge on practices or receive funding from their local CCG or federation.

From this, they then have a budget to employ dedicated staff to organise in-house training - such as BLS or safeguarding - or regular programmes of evening education, open to all local GPs.

As chambers locums often perform all their locum work through the chambers, their management team act as a feedback conduit from employing practices, including the dreaded "We no longer want to book Dr X again" - as an independent locum, Dr X would be none the wiser, but in chambers they have the benefit of learning from this sort of event. Often, the practice that initiates this type of feedback learns something constructive about how to improve engagement with locums too.

Also, many chambers have monthly or bi-monthly internal clinical governance meetings as part of their conditions of membership, where all members meet up to discuss significant events and spread best practice.

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