Should I cancel a session, and how can I do it safely?

Cancelling sessions through unforeseen circumstances such as illness is just one of those things. Obviously, it shouldn't be undertaken lightly as it can create an inordinate amount of inconvenience for the practice and patients. Wherever possible, if you can help ease the inconvenience by suggesting an alternative, then so much the better - but not always possible considering the precipitating circumstances.

If you make a habit of cancelling in this way, the sad reality is that the practice will think very hard about booking you again.

But cancelling work because of a change in mind, a better offer or to take a holiday is invariably professional suicide. For starters, the GMC's Good Medical Practice has something to say about this, and bad news about a locum cancelling at such short notice would (and does!) spread like wildfire to other practices. Unforeseen circumstances aside, only ever book work that you know you will not have to cancel.

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