AppraisalAid | How to keep a log of patients

AppraisalAid patient logbookSomething that you have with you all the time, is password-protected, and secure. Your smartphone!

We've developed an electronic logbook using Google Forms that can be installed as a form on your smartphone, where you can then access the information back home on your computer. You will also need a free Gmail account.

  1. On your PC/Mac, access the read-only NASGP AppraisalAid | Patient logbook.
  2. You'll see an ugly spreadsheet - yeugh - but ignore that for now. Instead, click on |sign-in| in the top right hand corner. This is where you'll need to either sign in with your Gmail account, or sign up for a free one.
  3. Once you're signed in, go to |File| >Make a copy...
  4. This copy is now in your personal secure Google Drive.
  5. Still in the spreadsheet, go to |Form| >Go to live form

This form is an easy smartphone-friendly way to securely record patients of interest. Add them to this form on-the-go, and then back home, from your Mac/PC, click on |Edit this form| >View responses.

Smartphone? Make sure you're viewing the live form, then copy the url/weblink and email it to your smartphone. Open the link on your smartphone, then find a teenager who'll then create a shortcut to it for you.

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