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In 2004, the NHS England allocated £30 million to support GP appraisal, but in May 2013 announced that it would no longer fund the locum appraisal payment for the time during which a locum undertakes their appraisal.

So what should you do?

You must still send an invoice! Just because NHS England has taken this unilateral decision not to fund, this doesn't stop you having an equal right to funding.

How will this help? Clinical Commissioning Groups are run by GPs, and by sessional GPs continually alerting the CCG board to this discriminatory practice will be a good reminder as to your importance as a clinician caring for patients in their CCG. And of course, more and more sessional GPs are getting involved with running CCGs and will be able to make ongoing decisions about supporting locum GPs.

On your invoice, we suggest you charge a figure similar to all the other GPs – it’ll be a figure that includes travel etc i.e. an all-encompassing sum. It varies across England, and from year to year – anywhere from £200 to £500.

Wales and Northern Ireland

The allocated sum is £300.


NHS Scotland has never organised centralised appraisal funding for GP locums, so we advise to use the same invoice for England as above.

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  1. Are you aware of any CCGs paying in response to using this letter?
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