Puns and dens

Patients’ Unmet Needs

PUNs are Patients’ Unmet Needs. They are discovered in consultations simply by asking ourselves at the end, when the patient has gone, ‘How could I have done better?’ During consultations we are commonly aware of gaps in our ability, gaps in the in house systems or attitudinal problems. You need to focus on the patient’s needs to identify these. The doctor, not the patient, will decide whether the patient’s needs have been met.

Doctors' Educational Needs

And recognition of deficiencies leads to the discovery of Doctors' Educational Needs DENs. When you discover Patients’ Unmet Needs you have found your first PUN, leading you on to then construct your DEN.

We've put together this template to make it really easy to identify plenty of PUNs, leading you on to then create the DENs, all together in a very presentable AppraisalAid template to upload to your favourite appraisal toolkit like Clarity or Fourteen Fish.

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