10 reasons to use LocumDeck’s electronic signature Locum Form A

LocumDeck's e-signed Form As will save your practice hours of time, reduce errors and ensure you have a record of these legal documents.

  1. Takes seconds to set up
  2. Will save your future self hours of time
  3. Takes only seconds to sign all future Form As
  4. No more scanning Form As
  5. No more printing Form As
  6. Automatic Form A archive for future reference
  7. Your locum receives their signed copy instantly
  8. Every Form A linked to its original invoice
  9. e-Rubber practice stamp added at the point of signing
  10. And fills in all your other essential details too.
  11. And saves your locum loads of time every month too!

See our other FAQ on why your e-signature does not need to look like your pen signature.

Practices - see all invoices and e-sign Form As

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