QOF 2015-16 (England): clinical indicators

April brings us showers and the start of a new QOF year! Here’s a quick summary of the key changes to the clinical aspects only:

  • CKD has disappeared, with the exception of needing to keep a register. Interesting the year after NICE produced a whole guideline on it!
  • In AF, CHADS2 will no longer be acceptable and CHA2DS2Vasc score must be used instead (in line with NICE AF guidance).
  • In CHD, the criteria relating to patients being on a beta-blocker, ACE-inhibitor and statin has gone. This in part reflects emerging evidence that beta-blockers may not offer benefits beyond the first 12m of treatment.
  • In dementia, there are two changes. The annual review must include care plan review (we get a whopping 39 points for this, up from 15 last year) and the time frame for required blood tests is now 12m (previously 6m) before diagnosis and up to 6m after diagnosis.
  • The obesity register is for those aged >18 (not 16).

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