Nice | Pumps for diabetes that have integrated blood glucose sensors

This is a new guideline from NICE that advises that two new diabetes pumps can be used. These both have integrated interstitial glucose sensors. This means that the pump can measure glucose levels. The patient still has to change the insulin level themselves. There is however a 'cut-off' in the pump, so if the glucose level drops and the patient doesn't respond, the pump will stop releasing insulin for 2 hrs.

It has been approved for those with 'disabling hypos' and may be particularly useful for children who are more sensitive to nocturnal hypogylcaemia.

Though we obviously aren't going to be prescribing these, patients will start appearing with them, so it's useful to know what they do. I also think it's exciting to think that maybe one day in the not too distant future, pumps will be able to change the insulin levels themselves in response to interstitial glucose levels.

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