Proposed NASGP Covid-19 death in service clause

Additional clause 1 - Continual Self-Employed Contractor’s Agreement

In the event of your practice engaging me for freelance locum GP services, should I at any stage need to isolate myself (“Self Isolation”) for any reason according to UK Government, NHS or WHO guidance concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, this engagement (the “Standard Terms”) will automatically be replaced with a continuous 24 hour contract of engagement for locum services (the "Continual Self-Employed Contractor’s Agreement"). The Continual Self-Employed Contractor’s Agreement shall commence from the time I need to be placed into Self Isolation, to enable the monitoring of communications from you, to correspond with you in a timely way, to keep myself appraised of relevant clinical guidelines as they emerge on a daily basis, and to update you on the progress of my recovery to support manpower planning, until such time that I am able to return to begin fulfilling my next freelance locum GP engagement with any practice or organisation.

This Continual Self-Employed Contractor’s Agreement will be charged as a flat fee of £12 during this period of Self Isolation.