£100k salaries symptomatic, not causal

28th October 2014 by NASGP

Hysteria mounts over “jaw-dropping” locum salaries paid to GP locums working weekend out-of-hours shifts in Cornwall.

So why are such salaries being paid? And why are GPs being vilified for giving up their weekends to travel some hundreds of miles to look after sick people when clearly local GPs are unable, or reluctant, to do these shifts themselves? When GP partners are completely overstretched during the week, facing all sorts of recruitment and capacity challenges themselves, it’s not that unrealistic for them to have the weekend off.

GPs and their practices need support, and freelance GP locums are there to support them when that need arises. In any such market, market forces will prevail. The solution is to not be surprised when it happens, but actually plan resources and adopt solutions like locum GP chambers to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

"LocumDeck is so good and so intuitive that I am lost for words and utterly filled with glee.

It can send an email confirming the sessions that are booked and creates and emails invoices direct to the practice for you. These contain links to your beautifully laid out ‘credentials’ page with all your relevant documents, and a model contract that is all ready for you to accept or edit.

It automatically produces and sends the locum form A, and will produce locum form B. It also acts as the calendar... And it all happens automatically. It is really less than a minute to invoice and do the pension forms, with everything calculated perfectly."

Dr Annette Steele

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