First steps

If you’re new to LocumDeck - Welcome! If you want to get started with adding your own bookings, generating invoices and pension forms, or if you choose, letting your chosen practices Instant Book you on your terms, the first place you need to go is to your Settings within LocumDeck and work through the tabs from left to right in sequence - Booking defaults, Sessions types & rates, Practices, Payments & pensions, Credentials, T&Cs

In the first tab, Booking defaults, you are first asked if you are interested in using Instant Book.

  • Saying Yes does not commit you to anything - it simply allows LocumDeck to get necessary information about your booking preferences if you did later decide to make yourself available for Instant Book.
  • You remain in total control of which practices you work in, defining your own sessions for each practice and then having to ‘opt in’ to make a particular session available to a practice for Instant Book at the level of each practice’s record.
  • It's a triple lock you have to get through before any session is shown to a chosen practice for Instant Book!

After that, there are lots of help buttons and some prompts along the way. If something doesn't make sense, the FAQs may help. And of course, you can always contact us.


Start times

  • Set default start times for your the sessions you create in 'Settings'. These can easily be overridden when publishing your sessions to practices.

Travel and breaks

  • Important to set travel and breaks if you are using Instant Book as it allows LocumDeck to learn how far you are prepared to travel between different assignments and then factors in your chosen break time to calculate an appropriate gap between sessions.
  • We use From home to practice to indicate the practices that you will be able to travel to.
  • Use Between practices to set the maximum number of minutes you are prepared to travel between work locations. We determine the typical average travel time between two locations taking into account the likely traffic conditions. Setting to 0 (zero) minutes means you will only work in one practice per day.
  • In Breaks, set the number of minutes break you would like between sessions. This is in addition to travel time between practices, and will affect your Instant Book session availability displayed to your chosen practices.

Clinical IT system

  • This lists all the IT clinical systems in the UK. Select your preference to help match you to practices.
  • Add as many different personalised sessions as you need, each with its own default start, finish times and cost.
    • [pro-tip] You're not wedded to these times; when you're adding these sessions to your calendar, you can edit the times and even the description and price on-the-fly. And editing these default sessions won't retrospectively readjust sessions you've already added to your diary, so it's completely flexible.
  • If you perform visits and prefer to charge per visit, you can add those additional charges here and call them through to add at the stage of booking - ones you make yourself or Instant Book - or when creating an invoice.
  • When it comes to generating your invoices, you're able to edit every session to record the number of visits, mileage and even change the final invoiceable amount if the session turned out different on the day.
  • If you charge extra for mileage, you can either set a cost per mile (great if you're also doing visits) or just a flat rate to keep things simple.
  • Adding a practice to your address book

    • Follow the green 'plus' icons!
    • When adding a practice, you can first check whether the practice is already on LocumDeck’s list of practices. Alongside the name and location of the practice, the list  also shows you which Clinical IT system they use and the distance from your home postcode.
    • If a practices is on the list it means they’ve joined LocumDeck and have been asked to input details which will make it easier for locums to work with them and send invoices and pension forms.
    • You choose which practices you wish to link with and bring into your own personal address book, allowing you to synchronise with their contact and pension information. Once you’re linked to a practice, it means the practice has a summary of your bookings and invoices - less chance of booking 'misunderstandings' and late payment of invoices! And if you’ve activated Instant Book sessions for them, they’ll be able see your real-time available sessions and book you.
    • If a practice is not on LocumDeck, you can simply add this to your address book by typing in the details yourself.

    Setting up Instant Book sessions for a practice

    • When you come to the Sessions and rates tab in a practice’s record, you’ll see the Instant Book switch next to each session on the Session list - this is the final step in enabling a signed up LocumDeck practice to Instant Book this session. 
    • The Instant Book status of each practice in your address book is shown as colour-coded dotes.
      • All dots ghosted out if you did not answer Yes to Instant Book in Booking defaults. 
      • Then a scale from grey (no Instant Book sessions enabled) through to green if the practice has Instant Book sessions enabled.
      • Hover over text explains the colour coding.
  • Your payment details will automatically appear on your invoice; you get to see your invoice before it's emailed.
  • The 'Reply to' email address will be the email address you use to login to NASGP.
  • If you're in the NHS pension scheme, choose which country's scheme you're in.
  • NB Invoicing currently only supports Locum A forms for England and Wales; Locum B and all other forms for Scotland and Northern Ireland coming very soon!
  • This enables you to upload documents such as proof of identity, copy of passport or other photo id, proof of being a GP, certificate of completion of training, indemnity certificates, your CV, references, occupational health and proof of hep B status.
  • Every time you send a session confirmation email to a practice, the practice will have a link to see all this information.
  • Pick and choose your Terms & Conditions from our T&Cs picker.
  • They're based on NASGP's model T&Cs.
  • Your T&Cs are saved on your own unique T&Cs page, and a link is automatically added to all your confirmation emails and invoices, covering you in terms of the duties you've agreed to, and reducing the risk to the practice against inadvertently classifying you as an employee.
  • You can also add your own terms. For example, if the practice has paid so late that the pensions agency won't accept your NHS pension contribution, and therefore would have to return the 14.3% employer's contribution, you can add to the 'Payments' section "If late payment leads to the rejection of my NHS contribution, I reserve the right to designate the amount paid by the practice for the employer's contribution as a late-payment fine."
  • And if you end up locuming at the practice for more than six months in a row and still want to pension your work in the NHS scheme, you could add another clause saying "In the event of me working more than six months in a row at your practice, the practice agrees to pension me as a a Type 2 GP using Form SOLO."


This is the best screen for seeing the status of all your sessions.

  • Clicking in any date will allow you to create a session starting on that day.
  • Clicking an existing session will open up a whole menu of options relating to the 'stage' of the session.
  • A session can go through eight stages
  • This helps you plan when you're available for work. If you've enabled a practice to use Instant Book, depending on where the other sessions you have booked that day are and the type of sessions you're prepared to work there, they can see you and book you instantly. This session will then turn green, you'll get an email and text.
  • These are periods of time that you can block out so that you can't accidentally book a session during this time period, and nor can a practice.
  • These are all in draft mode, and you can edit and change any of these. Great for planning your work. You can duplicate these and drag them to a different date, edit them or just delete. When you're ready to ask the practice to confirm them, click any of the paper aeroplane icons, which will call up that session and any other 'reserved' sessions for that practice, allowing you to quickly generate a confirmation-request email.
  • Once the confirmation-request email has gone, your sessions turn to yellow.
  • Or you can just leave a session in 'reserved' mode and, when the date/time of the session moves into the past, its status automatically becomes 'Ready for invoicing' - green. So if you're new to Invoicing and want to add some sessions you've already worked, with the date in the past, they'll automatically be set to 'Ready for invoicing'.
  • When the practice manager receives your confirmation request email, they'll be given a unique link to click if they agree with the sessions, which will turn the session to 'confirmed' (green) in your work calendar and send a confirmation email to you and the practice.
  • If they don't agree or want something changed, they can either reply to your email or liaise with you in some other way. You can then re-edit the session and resend the confirmation-request email.
  • If the practice does not respond to your confirmation request email within 7 days, you will both be sent a reminder email and you can decide from there what you want to do next.
  • If you're confident that the session has been confirmed by other means, you can override this automated confirmation process by manually change your session to confirmed. This will also send confirmation emails to both you and the practice.
  • All sessions that are in the past are automatically changed to 'Ready for invoicing'.
  • The session has now started, or has finished, and so can be invoiced.
  • Once a session is marked as 'Invoiced', you can then select it to 'Mark as paid'.
  • It'll need to be marked as paid in order for you to be able to generate a Locum B form.
  • We're developing and improving the site so that, over time, you'll be able to see and export your financial information for your annual tax statements.
  • In the top right-hand corner of the calendar is a link that allows you to synchronise your calendar with your current online calendar, such as Microsoft, Google or Yahoo calendars. You'll need to only do this once on each computer/device, and then it will continue to 'push' your work calendar information to your device.


As well as adding sessions by-the-day or in a date range, you can also manage any confirmations or cancellations so that you and the practice will have a full audit trail of all your bookings.

Choose which practice (or add a new one). As you add each session, they'll all appear on the right-hand side. Add additional pre-defined travel and visit charges if they're not already incorporated into your session fee. Once you're happy, save these 'reserved' (red) sessions to your calendar.

If you have red 'reserved' sessions in your calendar, you can send an automated request to the practice, giving them a full rundown of all your reserved sessions. All those red sessions in your calendar will now turn yellow.

The email the practice receives will have a button to click (you'll get a copy) - when it's clicked, two things happen. An automated confirmation email is sent to you and the practice, and those yellow sessions turn from 'awaiting confirmation' (yellow) to 'confirmed' (green). It's very clever, although we say so ourselves.

If you and the practice are confident that the sessions have already been confirmed by another route, you can change the status of the booking yourself and generate a final confirmation email.

In this tab, find the sessions you want to change by first choosing the practice and then checking the each relevant session's box. This will add them to a list on the right-hand side where they may be edited or cancelled. Edited sessions will be marked 'Awaiting update' in red text. Cancelled sessions will be marked with 'Awaiting cancellation' in red text. Once that's done, depending on the original status of the booking ('reserved' (red), 'awaiting confirmation' (yellow) or 'confirmed' (green)), you'll be given the option to simply 'Update calendar' or notify the practice, either by 'Ask practice to confirm' to send a request confirmation email or 'Manually confirm' to confirm changes yourself and send a final confirmation email.


  • You can use this for personal bookings, and is mandatory for Instant Book.
  • If you add availability and have Instant Book active for certain practices that you specify, you are committing to perform sessions at that practice should they book you.
  • You fully control how practices book you, through a combination of your general settings, specific practice settings and your session settings.
  • This prevents you or practices booking you during the times/dates specified.
  • You can give each period a description like 'School assembly, 'Day off' or 'Holiday in Bognor Regis'.


This section allows you to generate invoices and LocumA forms from the sessions that you've added to your calendar and email your invoice and any LocumA form direct to the practice.

  • In order to select sessions to invoice from the dropdown, you'll first need to add them to your calendar.
    • Before you add a booking to the calendar for the first time, you’ll need to set up your default session types in Settings >> Session types & rates and have added the practice in Settings >> Practices. And also your default banking details, pension details (for A/B forms etc).
    • You'll then be able to add sessions to your calendar, complete with travel/visit costs (if extra), hourly rate, session rate etc. Or alternatively, click in Bookings and add them from there.
    • Once that's done, go to the Invoices tab, which allows you to select the sessions you've worked in any practice, update any extra costs, then generate the invoice which also generates the Locum A form too.
  • The invoice automatically calculates the session fee for you, and allows you to add any mileage and visits that you did that session.
  • If you're in the NHS pensions scheme in England and Wales, it'll automatically add the employer's contribution for you (for Scotland and Northern Ireland, all that's done for you by the pensions agency - you don't need to invoice the practice for that). It will also automatically generate the LocumA form and send that with your invoice.
  • NB don't worry that you've sent the LocumA form to the practice without having signed it - it doesn't have to be signed at this stage, but must be signed by you before you forward it with your LocumB form.
  • You can also perform this function on any black 'Invoiced' calendar entry.
  • By default, it's marked with today's date, but you have the option to change it.
  • Once a session is marked as paid, it can be added to its appropriate B form.
  • Select the B form you want to create i.e. choose the month in which payment was received. You will then see a list of all Locum A forms that were paid in the month you've selected.
  • You can of course create multiple B forms, and any subsequent Locum B forms will be marked as 'supplementary'.
  • Appended to each Locum B form is a pre-completed receipt-request, which the pensions administration staff can sign and stamp, and post back to you
  • This shows a record of all your invoices, including paid or unpaid status, and any associated LocumA forms. Clicking on any row of your invoice history will also show a copy of the invoice.
  • We're also currently producing a facility for you to download a spreadsheet of all your income for tax purposes, as well as a facility to record your general GP expenses.


This function is currently in development, and will be a suite of tools to help you keep track of your accounts.

Useful to calculate your annual medical indemnity fee, and could even help you claim back fees if you worked less than planned.
Displays how much you've been paid, how much you're owed, how much you've paid to NHS superannuation etc
This will help your accountant, and will automatically display the distances traveled as calculated from all your sessions in LocumDeck.
Upload receipts and amounts for items like NASGP membership, RCGP fees, replacement stethoscope etc.
From your Locum B forms
To use for your annual tax return.