Practeus videos

If you’re a CCG, GP federation, LMC or other similar organisation, these videos will give you an overview of how Practeus currently works at scale. If you’re a GP locum chambers or local sessional GP group, we’re currently developing LocumDeck to allow you to manage your members. Please contact us for more information.

  • Part 1 – the Practeus dashboard

  • Part 2a – LocumDeck and Instant Book for GPs and practices

  • Part 2b – LocumDeck for GP networks, CCGs, federations etc

  • Part 3 – Spip


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    • How the customisable and interactive nature of Spip allows practices to curate information arriving in the practice and fine tune it to the level that is needed at the patient interface.
    • How Spip is dynamic, allowing for crowdsourcing and constant updating, to become a practice’s organisational memory
    • How the Centrally Updatable Directory of Services within Spip leads to easy updating of information which can cascade through a practice and across networks of practices and upstream organisations (e.g. CCGs, LMCs)
    • How Spip’s interactivity can improve quality by allowing for easy, context-specific reporting of service quality issues.