NASGP LocumDeck Chambers Operating System

Welcome to the area specifically for chamber managers. This is a temporary home, with the aim being of moving all of this onto the LocumDeck platform itself, and converting all pdfs and templates into actual embedded pages.

Meanwhile, please pass on any feedback back to the team at NASGP.

Operating system

Operating manual

Download – Word


Member’s Handbook

Chambers ‘Chamber Member’ handbook

Chambers ‘Chamber Lead’ handbook

Chamber ‘Chamber Lead’ handbook Chamber ‘Clinical Director’ handbook


Chambers ‘Chamber Manager’ job description

Chambers ‘Chamber Manager’ roles

Chamber Clinical lead

Download – Word Save as – Google Doc


Onboarding new members

GP Locum Chambers New chamber member interview cribsheet

Member references

  • Send a link to this form to each referee.
  • Currently, NASGP will get a copy and forward it to you. In the future, this will go direct to the chamber.

Clinical governance

GP Locum Chambers System-first learning event

GP Locum Chambers Chamber clinical governance meeting agenda template

Education events

GP Locum Chambers Event organiser cribsheet

Help documents

LocumDeck for locums

Locums can all access this direct from their LocumDeck login

LocumDeck for practices

Practices can all access this direct from their LocumDeck login