FAQs for LD4N bank nurses

Find out how to use LocumDeck

This FAQ page will develop and update in response to your needs and questions. If you can't find the answer you need, please get in touch using the contact form at the end of the page.

Getting started

See your SETUP GUIDES (top of page) to find out how to get started with getting booked by practices and adding off-platform work.

About your calendar

Displaying your LocumDeck calendar on your devices

Add LocumDeck calendar to Google calendar, appear on all devices

  • Go to your LocumDeck Calendar on a PC/Mac and click on the blue synchronise icon at the top right of calendar – a URL will appear that looks like webcal://www.nasgp.org.uk/espip/calendar/o3DqSFeJ2HvhOT…
  • If you’re in Chrome, signed into your Google account, your Google calendar should open up and ask you to add direct to your Calendar. Click Add.
  • If you’re not in Chrome, or this doesn’t happen, copy the URL that appears and, in your Google calendar, go to Settings >> Add calendar >> From URL and just follow the instructions.
  • Assuming you’ve already set up your Google account on all your devices, make sure that you’ve set your new LocumDeck calendar to display on all your devices.

Add LocumDeck calendar to each device separately

Login to your LocumDeck on your chosen device

  • Go to your LocumDeck Calendar and click on the blue synchronise icon at the top right of calendar
  • You will be asked if you want to “Subscribe to the calendar”
  • Your subscribed calendar will be named “NASGP – Your name”

If you also want your LocumDeck calendar to show on another device e.g. your tablet or smartphone, you’ll need to log in from that device and repeat the same procedure.

Remove a synchronised calendar

Open up whatever app or calendar it is you’re viewing your synchronised information on (Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar etc), or go to the devices system Settings >> calendar/accounts (device-specific), and remove the subscribed calendar.

How to ensure your device’s calendar gets regularly updated

Behind the scenes, your smartphone, tablet or PC has subscribed to a unique webcal link that enables your device to access your LocumDeck calendar from the cloud. As with any subscribed calendar service, the frequency with which your device is able to do this depends on a few factors e.g.

  • the quality of your wifi/internet or data connection
  • how powered up your device is
  • how often your device is set to fetch your calendar data

Please check your device’s settings to ensure that it is set to fetch data at a suitable interval.

For iPhones/iPads

  • Go to iPhone/iPad Settings >> Accounts & Passwords
  • Select Fetch new data
  • At the bottom of the screen under Fetch, you will usually find that it is set to “Automatically”, with an explanation that this works ‘only when on power and wi-fi’.
  • If your phone/iPad calendar seems to be taking a long time to sync and/or you are often off wi-fi, then switch it to regular timed Fetch depending on your circumstances e.g. choose Hourly, Every 30 Minutes or Every 15 Minutes.

For PC calendars like Outlook 

  • Open Outlook, Calendar etc
  • Go to Options (Outlook), settings etc.
  • Find the Preferences Tab
  • Click on Calendar Options
  • Choose Free/Busy Options
  • Set the Update Interval to a time that suits your needs

I can’t see my LocumDeck calendar on my device



Such is the variability between devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs), operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS) and calendar apps (Outlook, Google Calendar, Timepage) that a definitive guide to troubleshooting would probably stretch from here to the moon!

But our experience is that and synching issues with your device’s calendar can be sorted by deleting the ‘Shared Calendar’ account from your device, rebooting your device, making a cup of tea, and re-adding again from LocumDeck

e.g. for iPhone

  • Settings >> Passwords & Accounts >> Subscribed Calendars >> Name of Calendar >> Delete Account

For PC/Mac

  • Calendar app >> Accounts >> Subscribed Calendars >> Name of Calendar >> Delete Account (or similar variant there of)

Finding work

How do I renew my NASGP membership after the three-month free trial?

To sign up for NASGP membership after our three-month free trial, login to LocumDeck.

When you log in, you will be sent to the NASGP dashboard. On the dashboard, click on ‘LocumDeck‘ in the navigation bar to access the LocumDeck dashboard.

On the LocumDeck dashboard, in the top right-hand corner there is a person icon, followed by your name. Click on your name, then ‘My Account‘.

In ‘My Account‘ there is a ‘My membership’ tab where you’ll find the option to ‘Change membership’. 

All our membership options will appear there.

If you haven’t signed up for our free trial yet, find out what we offer you and how you can sign up.

Using LocumDeck to find work

There are a few of ways you can use LocumDeck to find work, either in your familiar practices or exploring new ones.

  1. Add practices to My Practices .
    • Every time you add a practice, either by finding a practice on LocumDeck’s list of practices, or by manually adding a practice that is not yet on the global list, the practice receives a notification that they have been added by a locum who is interested in trying to link with them on LocumDeck. This can be a great first introduction to a new practice.
  2. Pre-set your availability and terms to get instant bookings: 
    • In Set up guides we have a step by step introduction, ‘Get booked by practices’ which can get you started.
  3. Look out for Availability requests from local practices
    • If a practice on LocumDeck needs cover but no locums have yet proactively made themselves available pre-set instant booking on the dates they need, the practice can put out an Availability request, which goes to members within a 45 minute travel radius.
    • You can quickly respond by clicking on the request on your calendar, and selecting a session to offer for booking. The practice is notified that you have responded. In LocumDeck, they can review your profile and terms. And then book you.

More LocumDeck FAQs

Availability requests from practices

What are Availability requests?

If a practice on LocumDeck needs cover but no locums have yet proactively made themselves available for Instant Book on the dates they need, the practice can put out an Availability request, which goes to locums within a 45 minute travel radius.

You receive an email notification of which practice is looking for cover and you can find more details by logging in to LocumDeck and clicking through to the Availability request shown in orange on your LocumDeck calendar.

The practice can specify basic details such as date, start and end times of the cover. They can also add more detailed information about their requirements e.g. they are nudged to specify the type of appointments (triaged, on call, walk in, f2f, telephone etc), typical number of contacts expected, whether admin duties are required and which other members of the healthcare team will be present or whether you’ll be working as a lone clinician.

If I’ve responded to an Availability request and added bookable Availability to my calendar but haven’t yet got a booking, do I have to keep the Availability in my calendar?

If the Availability has not been booked you can remove or change your bookable availability whenever you like. Obviously this is very different once a confirmed booking has been made. A booking made by Instant Book on LocumDeck is a confirmed booking and, like any other booking made by other means, doctors should carefully consider whether cancelling confirmed work is appropriate.

What does the practice(s) see when I respond to an Availability request?

Practices are notified by email that bookable availability has been added for their practice. When they login to LocumDeck they can review the bookable work you are offering, alongside any Credentials and T&Cs you have added, and are able to make an Instant Booking.

How do I know if a practice on LocumDeck has received my response to its availability request?

The simplest way is that practices will make an online booking based on the work you have offered them. If an instant booking is made, you are notified by text message and email confirmation, and you can login to see full details in LocumDeck. Basically, there should not be any surprises as the booking will be on the terms and pay rates that you pre-decided when you offered the bookable availability.

Will I hear back if the practice do not want to book me after I’ve offered bookable availability?

Not within LocumDeck – If you don’t receive a booking confirmation, then it’s fair to presume the practice has found another way of meeting their needs. The Availability slot will remain in your calendar and it’s up to you what you want to do next e.g.

  • If the Availability is just for the requesting practice and they haven’t booked you within a timeframe you think is reasonable, you could delete the slot and add availability for all your activated practices

Are Availability requests made personally to me by a practice?

Not at the moment. Currently, Availability requests are sent to all locums on our membership database within range of the practice who wish to receive them. If there is interest from practices and our locum members in allowing practices to be more specific and personal in their requests, we are all ears to feedback.

How do I respond to an availability request on LocumDeck?

Respond by going to the Availability request shown in orange on your calendar.

  • Click to open the request pop-up and see more information about the practice and whatever information they’ve given you about their cover requirement.
  • Click the pale green ellipsis icon in the top right hand corner to see Respond or Decline options

  • Decline removes the request from your calendar. The practice is not informed when you decline.
  • Respond takes you through some steps to offer an instant bookable session to the practice
  • Once you send your offer to the practice, they are notified by email and can login to look at your profile, including your terms and conditions, the session you’re offering and your fee.
  • If they book you, you get an SMS text notification, a confirmation email and you’ll be able to see full details of the booking in your calendar.


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