Nice | Anxiety quick reference guide

This guideline from Nice puts psychological interventions first. The following stepwise interventions should be considered. Start at any step, depending on severity: 1st line: Explain the disorder and explore their worries. Suggest self-help: NHS choices RCPysch has a good leaflet (These are my suggestions – NICE gives no specifics) 2nd line – Choose one of the…
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BASHH | Use of androgens

Guidelines on the management of sexual problems in men and women – the use of androgens These are short and worth a read – there are useful summaries on the back pages. They encourage screening men and women at risk of sexual problems and advise when checking testosterone is useful (which is our job). It…
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Venous thromboembolism (VTE)

Prevention and Management of VTE – Quick Reference Guide Some of this is relevant and useful to us. Below are the best bits: Pregnancy / Postnatal – lists indications for prophylaxis (if you think a woman may be at risk – check the criteria). Assess each woman at booking and prophylaxis should be started before…
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