Proactive GP career planning – Part 2

In the last edition of The Sessional GP, the issue of being too passive in career planning terms was discussed. It might be an idea to refresh your mind on this article.

The question remains - how to become more proactive in one’s career planning? In fact, this is quite simple, though not always easy.

The challenge is simple because one merely has to make a decision to become more proactive. If you do not know how to be more proactive the preliminary decision has to be to learn proactivity skills.

It is like many things in life - easier to say than do. However by making such a decision this kickstarts a whole load of different thinking and questions such as

  • Where do I start?
  • What skills is she talking about?
  • Where can I go to get such skills?
  • What will gaining them avail me?
  • How do I apply these skills?
  • Why do I want to give myself a load of work to do?
  • How am I going to fit this in?
  • What skill should I learn first?
  • What do I want more of?
  • and... Why haven’t I learned these skills before?

And note, merely by reading the above list of questions you have just become more proactive in career management.

If you do nothing else except ask these questions of yourself and of colleagues ,tutors , friends and family it is quite likely you will start to find some answers. So it is key to ask the right questions. In other words do not spend any time dwelling on questions like “ why am I dissatisfied with my career/ what do I not want?” as, whilst these may need to be aired, they can be addressed swiftly so as not to allow them to turn into navel-gazing and depressive/restrictive/negative thinking styles.

The way in which Medical Forum starts to identify the key career skills needed for any individual (dramatically speeding up career planning process as a result) is the Career Review Programme. The most crucial part of which is a 30 page workbook which starts to reveal which, if any, of the proactive career management skills are missing or rusty. Occasionally it is only one skill that needs work, but it will be this one that is limiting the whole of the rest of the career planning abilities. Get that one skill or the rusty skills sorted and a cascade system can often be liberated. Careers can only go ahead at the speed of the weakest career management skill link.

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