Performers Lists – need to get a wiggle on

You'd think with GP recruitment and retention as it is at the moment that NHS England would be a little more slick in processing new applicants to its performers lists. But judging from comments from members about their Performers List experiences, you'd be wrong.

As one of our commentators said "The biggest issue is the inaccurate, poorly drafted and misleading application form."

So today, we've published a new Frequently Asked Question for our members on how to speed up the process, circumventing some or all of the subsequent delays, and even producing a covering letter template to really help get things moving, and getting more GPs into do surgeries and seeing patients.

After nine painful weeks of going through the process of joining the Performer's list, NASGP member Mark de Kretser gives a helpful rundown of how to get through the application process. Mark provides some hints and tips, many of which we hope will avoid you having to discover the same many weeks into your application.

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4 Responses

  1. You can read about my experiences here: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> I started the returner scheme over a year ago and still have not started my placement as I am waiting to get on the Performer's List.
    • Richard Fieldhouse
      What a nightmare. Maybe we should publish these articles as a series on the NASGP website?!
      • Yes. You are welcome to. I just heard about someone who has been waiting even longer than me. I don't know how many of us there are! If someone is thinking about a career break, beware, and try to keep on the Performers' List
  2. CB Lok
    Sorry for the long post. I might be in a slightly different situation but I was already on the Performer's list as a GP registrar. I applied for an update to my status as GP locum prior to finishing CCT months ago and it is still not done to date. It has been a nightmare since Capita took over. I sent my application NPL3 form several times over the course of months to their suggested email for the East Midlands area. This is a generic looking email that doesn't acknowledge you with a response that it has been received. Not looking hopeful I also followed this up by sending the paperwork to their address by post. Several phone calls later over weeks (to what seemed like a Capita call centre - the number given on the Performer's list website!) they told me they hadn't received any emails or paperwork (which was sent months ago!). To be fair, I was half-expecting that to happen.I eventually managed to dig out some phone number on google for the actual office that handles the paperwork and not the call centre - they've sinced confirmed they've received my paperwork and I asked them to confirm in writing I am able to work while they are processing this. They say they are dealing with a huge backlog and from what I've heard I am not the only GP registrar completing CCT that was affected. With the Christmas hols coming up as well I suspect things are going to be stalled for months. In the process of waiting for confirmation as mentioned above I wasn't working and meanwhile my indemnity costs were spiralling.

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