One year extension to NHS Pension employer contribution gap for GP locums

We've had confirmation today from NHS Pensions that there is "no change to the NHSPS employer contribution rate in year 2020/21. It remains at 14.38% for 2020/21 including the 0.08% admin levy, with the 6.3% difference contributed centrally."

The original plan (Treasury to fulfil NHS pension employer contribution gap for one year) had been for practices in England and Wales to start paying the additional 6.3% from April 1st 2020 on all pensionable locum income paid from this date. So, even if the work had been carried out in February 2020, the practice would have to pay 14.38% had it been paid on 31st March, or 20.68% if paid 1st April 2020. Fortunately for practices and locums alike, this scenario now no longer applies for 2020/21. Phew.

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