NHS Pensions publishes 2015 scheme annualisation calculator

The much anticipated 2015 scheme guide and calculator guide have been published today. All are available on the NHS Pensions website, but we've provided direct links to them here to make them easier to bookmark and find.

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Do you have questions about the calculator and guide? We have a dedicated thread in our NASGP Facebook Group on annualisation, or if you're not on Facebook you can discuss on our NASGP member's-only forum.

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  1. Tina Sumner
    I'm confused. Sorry. I'm a totally freelance locum doing no salaried and no OOH. From 1st April 2019, will I have to annualise my pension for periods of leave, max 4 weeks in one go across 2 calendar months. So locum B form contributions in every month, but variable income month on month. The recent press info is implying I do, does if so does this mean I effective pay pension even during annual leave? Thanks
    • Richard Fieldhouse
      Hi Tina, at the moment we don't know (not even the BMA seems to know) whether annualisation kicks in after a day, or after a month. We have a news item on this here <a href="https://www.nasgp.org.uk/news/nhs-annualisation-for-gp-locums-what-a-difference-a-day-makes/">"What a difference a day makes"</a>.

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